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Stewart Alexander Physical Medium
Date: Sun,03 Dec 2006

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Stewart Alexander

Stewart Alexander Modern Day Physical Medium

The following extract was taken from

It's great to see physical mediumship again as we once did with the likes of Helen Duncan and Leslie Flint. To find out more information please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Mediumship profile of Stewart Alexander. He was born and still lives in the North of England.

1967 - Has been sitting in his own Home Circle every week since the beginning of that year, and is still sitting in it up to the present day. Members of his Circle are his own family and that of his Manager Ray Lister.

1982 - His Physical Mediumship began to reveal itself.

1988-99 - Member and Archives Officer of the Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship.

1992-96 - President of the Society.

1988 - 2000 - Demonstrated his Physical Mediumship almost exclusively for the Noah's Ark Society.

1999 - Demonstrated his Physical Mediumship in Switzerland under the auspices of the Zurich Parasychological Association and the 'Psi Association Basel'.

2000 - Due to a difference of opinion - he resigned from the Ark in that year, and for a while continued to demonstrate his mediumship in England in Scotland and abroad.

2001 - Retired from working in Public but continued to further develop in his Home Circle.

2002 - Saw the publication of a pamphlet by a Ms:Katie Halliwell entitled 'Experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship' and sub headed 'Evidence of survival after Death'. (Discover how we see, hear and touch the Spirit People in the Alexander Circle). The pamphlet was supported by a cassette tape so that readers would have the opportunity, not only to read about the Home Circle, but also to hear extracts of communication captured and recorded for posterity within it.

2003 - Due to public demand Stewart emerges once again to demonstrate his mediumship publicly to selected groups.

2004 - 2005 and into the future - Will continue to use whatever time he has left upon the Earth, to work with the Spirit People, so that they can continue to demonstrate the reality concerning the eternal nature of life in all its aspects and forms.

Journal of séance on August 19th 2004

On Thursday 19th August 2004, Ron Gilkes was delighted to welcome Stewart Alexander accompanied by some of his circle members, June and Ray Lister, and Katie Halliwell to Jenny's Sanctuary. Ray presented the pre-séance briefing in the reception area, after which the customary searches took place followed by the seating of the sitters in the séance room. Stewart's arms were bound to the arms of his chair using plastic cable ties and luminous tabs were placed on his knees. The curtains of the cabinet were left open, the lights extinguished and an opening prayer offered by Ray.

The first communicator to speak through Stewart was one of his guides, White Feather. He complemented the truly excellent conditions which would allow the removal of the barrier between our two worlds for a short while. Christopher, a young boy of 6½ was the next to introduce himself to sitters and was thrilled to see such "a proper crowd" of people! He explained that it was his job to relax people and that energy would be taken from certain sitters during the evening to help with the production of the phenomena. To much laughter he added that he couldn't guarantee that people would get the same bit of energy back that was taken from them, which might mean some would skip out of the séance room after, and some would crawl!

After Christopher's departure, Walter Stinson greeted the 40 or so sitters present and also commented on the wonderful atmosphere. He went on to pay tribute to Ron Gilkes on behalf of the world of Spirit and all those who work with and through Stewart, for this meeting place, which he said was a halfway house between the 2 worlds, where the work of the Great Spirit continues week by week, month by month and year by year and where the world of eternal life is always welcome.

Walter was delighted to see so many lady sitters present emphasising the fact that even though he has been "dead" for almost 100 years, he does not have a halo or wings, and is still very much a man who enjoys nothing better than the sight of a well turned ankle and a pretty face! He stressed that we are all part of the human race, the only difference between us and those in the Spirit world being that their perspective on life is now a little broader.

One lucky lady sitter was invited by Walter to sit in the chair to the right of Stewart and take hold of Stewart's right hand with her left. Walter asked her to gently feel for the cable tie binding Stewart's arm to the arm of the chair and check that it was still secure. A few seconds after this had been established, the lady announced that even though she was still holding Stewart's hand, their hands were now lifted up in

mid air! Walter invited her to reach for the cable tie on the chair arm, and she told us that the cable tie was still intact, which was indeed plain for all to see when the red light was turned on. Amazingly Walter had clearly demonstrated the passage of living matter (Stewart's arm) through matter (plastic cable tie)! Walter continued by saying that what we had witnessed was no party trick and not a miracle, but merely an example of what the Spirit world can do when people gather together in love and a suitable medium is available.

The passage of living matter through matter was demonstrated for a second time with another lady sitter holding Stewart's hand throughout. This lady was also presented with the cable tie that had been restraining Stewart's arm, still completely intact after a 3rd demonstration of the passage of living matter through matter, and during which she had had her fingers on the cable tie the whole time! Walter then took a spare strap from the table and replaced it around Stewart's arm binding him to the chair. The clicking sound of the strap's self-locking plastic fastener could be clearly heard as it was being applied. When the red light was turned on to guide the lady sitter back to her place, on the table we could see that Walter had also fastened the other 2 spare straps and looped them together. He asked that these be given as a gift to Ron Gilkes as a reward from the Spirit world.

Stewart was then brought out of trance by his Spirit friends so that he too could witness the trumpet phenomena. Sitters were delighted to be able to see 2 trumpets being manipulated separately, gently touching some of the sitters and also flying up to ceiling level. After a short while our Spirit friends placed one trumpet inside the other and lifted the 2 together as if they were one! Stewart was fully aware and joining in with the conversation while this was taking place.

Towards the end of the trumpet display, Stewart and the circle members could hear the sound of breathing alongside Stewart in the cabinet. Stewart was taken back into trance, and "The Voice" as the Spirit speaker is affectionately called, addressed everyone independently of Stewart, using an ectoplasmic voice mechanism. He urged all that were developing gifts of the Spirit to continue with their development, and to be assured that those in the Spirit world are taking every opportunity that they can to help develop those channels of communication in the best way possible.

Freda Johnson was the next communicator and she spent a little time carefully explaining how she is able to speak to everyone through Stewart. She went on to affect a reunion between one of the lady sitters and her Father in the Spirit world, by helping the gentleman communicate through Stewart. Everyone witnessed an emotional and evidential conversation between the pair, with the lady sitter's Mother also coming through briefly with a few words.

Walter returned and asked Ray to prepare the small table situated in front of Stewart. This was a glass topped table, covered with a red cloth and slightly illuminated from underneath by a bulb on a dimmer control. A lady sitter was invited to sit at one end of the table, where coming from Stewart's direction she witnessed gentle clouds of white ectoplasm moving across the table, out of which a perfectly formed and solid hand emerged. The hand reached across the table, held her hand and audibly slapped it! This was repeated for another lady sitter to enjoy, and Stewart was brought out of his trance so that he too could witness this wonderful phenomena.

Just as he said he was feeling wide awake, Stewart was quickly taken back into trance by his Spirit friends who also closed the curtains on the cabinet. Ray encouraged everyone to sing to raise the vibrations, and loud knocking was heard coming from the cabinet. A materialised Spirit person emerged from the cabinet and proceeded to touch the heads and hands of some of the sitters as he moved around the room. He returned to the cabinet briefly before approaching one of the sitters and clasping her firmly by the hands to stand her up. He then placed his hands on her back to administer her with healing energy. Our Spirit visitor returned to the cabinet and brought Stewart out of his trance. The sound of the curtains on the cabinet being opened startled Stewart, but then he felt the Spirit visitor's hands on his head and arms, and we all heard the unmistakable sound of the plastic cable tie's self-locking mechanism being tightened! Stewart said that he actually felt the Spirit visitor's fingers as they were adjusting the strap!

With Stewart back in trance, the evening's proceedings started to draw to a close and Walter came once more encouraging all present to share what they had experienced with as many people as possible. Freda returned and thanked Ron for everything he does, followed swiftly by Christopher sending his love, with White Feather bringing the meeting to its conclusion.

A most wonderful evening of phenomena and proof that life is indestructible was enjoyed by all fortunate to have attended the séance. We are indebted to Stewart and the members of the Alexander Circle for their dedication, and for journeying down from Hull to allow us to be in such close contact with the world of Spirit.

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Warren James said:

I was amazed to watch Stewart demonstrate in medium to dusk light in April 2015 - with a red light also creating a relatively bright area for almost 70 people to see the fully animated form of a living relative materialise over his - we all saw it, some saw it clearer than others, but we all saw it happen and cease and vanish before our eyes in good light!

Stewart, althoug retired now continues developing in the privacy of his own home circle and just occassionally we witness these happenings!

Wonderful proof given and yet the Sceptics continue to fail at recreating any of this in the same wonderful way we witness it's production!

I'm a lucky person! There is a full review that I wrote for the Psychic World Newspaper
Thu,22 Oct 2015,16:50:34 GMT

estelle webster said:

I have experienced this mediums life long dedicated work and have been changed in the heart and mind because of it. I have sat with colin fry too and can say both were wonderful. very inspiring to be greater tool for spirit and encouraging too. I received a message from my guide through this lovely sensitive man and it spurred me on towards a greater incentive of mediumship.. many thanks to all those who do this word it touches folks lives in many ways... blessings xxx
Sat,15 Oct 2011,10:31:24 GMT

emma said:

hi. iv sat in physical seances with the famous mavis king for many years so i am an experienced sitter dating as far back as the 1980's. I have seen and experienced direct voice, trumpet movement, materialisation etc. it is the most honoured wonderful phenomena to witness total evidence of life on the other side where our loved ones carry on and progress. also wonderful to hear the wisdom of the teachings from the guides and helpers who work so hard over can i please find any schedule for stewart alexander in the UK? i would really appreciate. thank you
Mon,03 Oct 2011,13:57:50 GMT

emma said:

hi. when are your next tour dates? i would like to book. thank you
Fri,23 Sep 2011,00:24:28 GMT

louise conquer said:

i myself have been privelaged to have been in one of stewarts seances only this year.i thought i understood about the process and what might happen.however i was speechless after witnessing the amazing and beautiful events of that night.i was lucky enough to receive several spirit communications from my loved ones in spirit,be one the side of stewart and hold his hand when walter(one of his guides)demonstrated putting stewarts hand through solid matter,which was the ties that bound him.the trumpets flew round the room bells rang drumsticks were banged by christopher.i could talk forever.the experience will stay with me for life itwas an honour ,experiencethrough the love from has also not only gave me a concrete belief in the spirit world but inspired further my interest in the physical side of mediumship.thankyou to all cocerned and stewarts spirit team. louise x
Sun,19 Jun 2011,13:36:50 GMT



Wed,09 Feb 2011,19:03:30 GMT

steve morley said:

I would very much appreciate a sitting with stewart alexander,
but am having problems making contact.
can anyone give me a clue as to how this can be achieved.
I am not a sceptic, but am having difficulty understanding why there appear to be very few genuine mediums available, and the ones who are are so difficult to contact.
sure, we can all contact these phone lines, etc, but I want the genuine article, after all this question of our spiritual immortality is important isnt it ? any advice would be appreciated
Mon,19 Jul 2010,18:52:50 GMT
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